Our Industrial green non toxic coolant is a straight home run when it comes down on innovation. In comparison to other coolant on the market the toxic elements are recplaced by non toxic and/or non corroding versions whilst not only retaining all high level specifications of other coolants on the market but even improving the performance temperture control as far as 8%!


The product is suitable for most machine that are cooled by water or by a external cooling installation, just replace the water of these installations with our coolant and it will insure better cooling properties and less wear over time for the machine and/or it's cooling system. Furthermore you help the environment as the liquid coming out of the machine after many years of operation is not toxic in comparison with water as water will be poluded with miljons of small metallic and other elements due to its properties.

Green non-toxic Industrial coolant

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  • Our Coolants:

    • Our coolants are the first in the world to be non-toxic.
    • Our coolants have a very favourable effect when it comes to the newest European emission
    standard Euro-6.
    • Attains 8% better cooling properties compared to the generically toxic -36C coolant.
    • Superior cooling ensures lower temperatures within any engine extending the service life of an
    engine oil and guaranteeing engines a longer service life in general.
    • Due to a longer service life be it in engines and motor oils, our coolants help to reduce the
    carbon footprint.
    • Our coolant has had all the toxic elements replaced by non-toxic variants and in addition it is
    3% lighter in terms of weight.
    • The fluid can be used for up to 5-6 years until replacement is necessary in order to make certain
    of its specification.
    • Our coolant liquids can be supplied with frost protection that ranges from -36oC to to -65C whilst retaining all the approvals required in all certifications.

  • Liquids cannot be returned