What do we do?

1:Assessment of the

needs of a retail chain.

We don't believe in simply offering a product to our customers, we believe in assessing the real need. Questions like: what exact product would work for the target audience of our customer instead of trying to sell the product against all odds. We believe in long-term relationships.

Production Partner

Do you need to adjust, produce or manufacture a custom made solution? Just give us a call (!). With more than 8 years of 3D printing, 3D design, moulding and production experience we are sure we are able to help you through the entire process of an idea transforming in a well manufactured and packaged retail product.

2:Your Marketing partner/distributor

If you or your company made a product or invention for the installation and construction industry, you probably need someone to help you sell this into the retail sector. We'll help you! With over hundreds hardware related retail stores we will distribute this to the customer that match your target audience. Ensuring the just said way of working means that orders will not be an one time event. Instead, we will ensure you a repeating pattern of orders throughout the year. We'll help you to get your brand out there the right way!

We got your attention?


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