Portable Jumpstarter

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Portable Jumpstarter 12 Volt 400 Amp

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The N2JS Portable Jump Starter is the smallest of its kind and suitable for starting luxury gasoline vehicles. The N2JS starts vehicles up to 3.0 liter gasoline engines. The jump starter is slightly larger than your smartphone and you can charge multiple devices like your tablet or phone.  The jump starter is also provided with a flashlight.



- Size: 13x7.5x2.5 CM
- Weight: 300 Grams
- Starting Amp: 200amp.
- Peak Amp: 400Amp.
- Charging Time: 3 hours
* Including Telephone, Tablet and Laptop Charger
* Adaptor for home
* Integrated flashlight
* Start Cable incl. Battery terminals
* Suitable for scooters, Motorcycles and luxury cars


  • Size: 13x7.5x2.5 CM
  • Weight: 300 Grams
  • Starting Amp: 200amp
  • Peak Amp: 400Amp
  • Charging Time: 3 hours