About us

About our company

Noxxes is a brand that specializes in developing and supplying OEM All-in-One Automotive accessories. We offer in a innovative way perfectly integrated solutions for every car in the field of navigation, video, television, camera and parking sensors. Our expertise in the area of the Can-bus protocol allows us to be able to add almost all of these features to original audio systems of almost every car manufacturer that uses a screen and/or infotainment system. Our experts are on the basis of this method able to develop and produce very quickly. That’s why we always have a scoop with options concerning the latest car models. Besides the additions to original audio systems we also develop ''Made to measure" navigation / infotainment systems which replace the original radio of the car. These replacement systems add directly navigation, Ipod, Bluetooth and a DVD player to your car. In terms of quality our Units will not inferior to the original factory-systems and will even surpass this in terms of functionality. One of the main characteristics of our products is that they almost always are "Plug and Play". This means a less complicated installation and this results in a shorter installation time. The system can be installed or uninstalled without any risks. For all our products, we only use high quality materials and collaborate with renowned partners.

Our history


The brand Noxxes was released in 2010 and collapsed on the commercial market with a new product for the Vito and Sprinter vans from Mercedes-Benz. The first navigation/ infotainment system in the N2200 series is a fact. It quickly becomes a success and the product is also available at various Volkswagen dealers for the VW Crafter. Later this year, Noxxes comes with the innovative 3rd brake rearview camera which provides a true solution in combination with the Noxxes head unit.


In 2011 Noxxes quickly makes the move to the passenger market. The existing Mercedes Benz system is increasingly sold in the A and B class and a new product for the Lexus IS250 is launched. This completely seamless integrated system that even integrate with the climate control ensures Noxxes to close a deal with Louwman Retail. This collaboration last even longer when Noxxes comes with a new product for the Lexus CT200.


It remains that in 2012 it did not go unnoticed that Kia and Hyundai make an advance and Noxxes expand the N2200 series with devices for the popular Kia Sportage and Hyundai IX35. A big part of the dealer network in the Netherlands and Belgium are starting to work with these new systems and later this year following several models of these brands that can be equipped with the Noxxes units. From this year all Noxxes systems can also be installed with a rear view camera integrated in the license plate light.


In 2013 Noxxes is the first company in Europe that comes with a aftermarket navigation solution for the new Golf 7. A quality system with 8 Inch Touchscreen. There’s a lot of interest from Denmark and England, and soon this product is European distributed. For the English market Noxxes developed a new dashboard panel for RHD cars. The system for the new Skoda Octavia also comes into this year.


2014 is in the context of the VN9000 series, an innovative range of products for navigation, video or add a camera with swiveling picture lines to original audio systems with screens of Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Audi and many other brands. In the second part of this year Noxxes launched the first Android system for the Subaru XV and Forester.